What are Remote Observation Vehicle Systems

Have you been advised to incorporate a Remote Observation Vehicle Systems into your organisation?

If you aren't aware of what a Remote Observation Vehicle System (ROV) is, then we can help you to understand how it can benefit your business. An ROV is a robot that is used for underwater purposes. The system allows you to control the robot which is underwater from above with a controller. It works with an umbilical link that stores the communication labels, an energy source and allows information transfer.

What can InDepth International do for you?

InDepth International works across all ROV manufacturers ranging from observation to work class and even specialised trenching vehicles; in both shallow and deep water areas. The manufacturers that InDepth work with are Trition XLX/XLS/XLR, Schilling UHD, SMD Quantum and Seaeye Panther.

With InDepth International, you can be sure to receive the right equipment and technology that you need to keep your projects in motion, along with an exceptional service.

InDepth is one of the most esteemed firms in the subsea industry, with a long list of gratified companies. With their Headquartered based in the UK, InDepth work on a global basis, distributing excellent products, people and services where they are needed most.