Remote Observation Vehicle Rental

Do you require a Remote Observation Vehicle (ROV) rental? If so, there is only one company that you can go to for help, and that is InDepth International!

InDepth International provide the latest equipment wherever and whenever you need it. InDepth International provides a complete service for subsea operations. They supply ROV, survey and positioning technology that supports rig, platform and pipeline installation. Working onshore and offshore, InDepth’s services extend to supplying personnel on-going maintenance and custom-built equipment solutions for any specific problem. There technologies include ROV, Robotics, Magnetics, Solar, Acoustic, Laser, Video and Data Processing.

Not only do InDepth provide for your equipment needs, but they can apply their services for your personnel needs. If you need to find experienced, qualified and permanent staff then InDepth International can help you. With a wide network of clients and candidates, InDepth are experienced in matching valuable personnel with established and developing oil and gas companies working onshore and offshore around the world.

For further information on InDepth’s equipment or personnel services, just visit their website now, or give them a call on 01483 243533