About Us

Driving excellence in subsea systems

InDepth International provides a complete service for subsea operations, handling anything from the recruitment of qualified personnel to putting together a complex equipment solution that solves a specific problem.

Headquartered in the UK, we work on a global basis, consistently delivering excellent products, people and services where they are needed most. With a fundamental understanding of the subsea industry, we are constantly developing and improving our services to ensure that you get the best results.

InDepth Subsea

Dedicated to providing the equipment and technology that solves problems and keeps projects moving, InDepth is one of the most respected companies in the subsea industry. Our expertise and desire to innovate drive us to build links with new equipment suppliers, maintain our close relationships with industry leaders and develop our in-house engineering resource to respond quickly and imaginatively to solve complex subsea problems. From single pieces of equipment to full project management, we can add value to your project.

InDepth Personnel

Our dynamic recruitment company matches qualified and experienced personnel with the onshore and offshore companies that need them. With a large network of both candidates and clients and a comprehensive understanding of market needs, you can rely on our selection process to produce the best results – quickly.

This dual approach means we can offer each service independently, or combine them to put together the equipment and the people that will make a positive difference to your business.